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Caregiver & Family Support

It is our belief that not only the patient but everyone else that they are close to is affected when it comes to life limiting conditions. Sometimes this is felt immediately, within a few months or at a much later date. Because we feel that the impact is felt beyond the patient, we have developed Caregiver & Family Support programs.

When Three Rivers Hospice is involved in your loved one's care, you are able to focus on what matters most. Our team of specialized Hospice Professionals will manage pain, provide the best comfort measures possible and communicate with you to have a better understanding of what to expect.

Our Care Giver and Family Support programs include a multi-disciplinary team of specialized Hospice Professionals ranging from Primary Care Physicians, our Medical Directors, Nurses, Social Workers, Chaplains and more. They are able to provide face to face interactions, telephone support or other resources. When you have questions or just need to talk, you will not be alone when you choose Three Rivers Hospice.

Call us toll free at 1-866-478-7898 to learn more about Three Rivers Hospice. Our offices are open 24x7 and our Nurses will be available to speak with you regarding any questions that you might have.