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Three Rivers Hospice provides in-service education to the community. We are available free of charge for educational events and speaking engagements for civic, business, professional and faith groups. Our experienced staff are also available for programs for Long Term Care Nursing homes, hospitals and other healthcare agencies.

Caring for someone in pain

  • Myths vs Facts of pain
  • How to manage pain
  • Signs of nonverbal pain
  • Pain ad scale
  • Pain at end of life

Confidentiality in healthcare

  • Common healthcare conversations that may fit as confidential
  • Different methods information becomes leaked
  • Social Media and confidentiality
  • Consequences for violating confidentiality
  • Preventing a breach

Creating a safe environment for Alzheimer's Patients

  • Differences in memory issues
  • Assessing the impact Alzheimer's has on the brain
  • Stages of Alzheimer's
  • Senior Gems and their behaviors
  • Providing care for the Alzheimer's patient.

Ethical boundaries for healthcare professionals

  • Identify the role of the healthcare professional.
  • The vulnerabilities that influences boundary conflicts.
  • Myths about boundaries and the most common violations.
  • How to manage rural (acquaintance) relationships professionally.
  • Sample scenarios to better identify signs of boundary violations.
  • Healthy alternatives for managing your professional life.

Grief and Loss

  • The transformation cycle
  • Understanding the grief process
  • Myths of grief and loss
  • Helping the grieving person
  • Comments to avoid vs. What to say
  • Understanding complex risk and the risk factorsIntervention strategies

Guardianship vs Conservatorship

  • Definitions
  • Differences between guardianship and conservatorship
  • How hospice relates to each aspect

Hospice 101

  • How a patient is referred to hospice
  • Patient eligibility
  • Hospice payment options
  • Patient care during hospice service
  • Curative vs. Palliative treatment
  • Patient certification requirements

Managing caregiver stress with a positive attitude

  • Signs and symptoms of caregiver stress
  • Impact of a positive attitude
  • The power of positive thinking
  • 5 things to do each day

Proper body mechanic techniques for patient transfers

  • General rules for safe patient handling
  • Suggestions for activities of daily living
  • Baths and hygiene
  • Protocols for safe work behaviors

Suicidal ideations and hospice care

  • Before there is a problem
  • What influences suicidal thoughts
  • Common features of health care related suicides
  • Patient and caregiver risk factors
  • Questions to ask
  • Effective resources and interventions

Understanding a medical power of attorney

  • Legal descriptions of a medical power of attorney
  • What leads to the power of attorney going into effect
  • Invocation procedures
  • Discussion regarding a Do Not Resuscitate order and how it relates to Power of attorney